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Here’s all the princesses from earlier, plus Maximus. Belle never turned my way in time for a photo (she turned away just as I was taking it!), so sorry about that. I wonder why Pocahontas and Mulan had to share a coach…

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Random fact from my holiday

I spent the majority of my flights to & from Florida listening to the Tangled soundtrack on repeat. Namely I’ve Got A Dream and I See The Light.

Filed under There was nothing to watch on the flight that interested me I think I watched one film Which was Diary Of A Wimpy Kid I also watched Adventure Time And Regular Show And I think I watched Family Guy And maybe something else But I put I've Got A Dream and I See The Light on the playlist And let them repeat over and over I left the screen on that map that shows how long you've got left And I would read the three books I got And sleep Listening to the songs It was very nice indeed Disney Tangled I've Got A Dream I See The Light Flying Florida Random fact from my holiday