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Did I ever mention that this is happening?

Did I ever mention that this is happening?

Filed under disney disney cruise line dcl it's not until a long way off though. well over a year! a transatlantic cruise from barcelona to miami in september 2015 my aunt and nan are going and convinced me to join them. i get a cabin to myself. it was just over £750 for 11 nights? including food. i'd say it's pretty reasonable of course then i need to add on the flight to barcelona and the flight from miami... or there's a chance we'll spend a few days in orlando (and the food and wine festival will be on and i'm not missing that!) sigh i need a job... or at least i need more movie parts. i might have something coming up in a couple of weeks but no confirmation

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Guys, I’m back from watching Saving Mr. Banks. It was a lovely film, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve no idea when it’s actually out (I got free tickets to an advanced screening from Virgin Media) but yeah, definitely go see it. 

Filed under rambling about stuff saving mr banks saving mr. banks disney i'm happy to talk to anyone about the film if they're interested. although i was getting emotional over the weirdest things. like when walt hears feed the birds for the first time although what's sad about the film is how travers had all these things she didn't want to happen and yet they still happen... like she wanted no animation. she didn't want dick van dyke. she didn't really like the songs. and so on. oh guys disneyland! although there are some inaccuracies (mainly fantasyland... i mean you clearly see pinocchio's daring journey in the background) but at least the castle wasn't snow covered. because they filmed the scene back when the christmas decorations were up but yeah i need to go back to disneyland

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So I actually wrote up something for that Kingdom Keepers 7 thing, mainly because I wanted to use the word “flabbergasted”. So if you read that book and you see the word in there, then know it was my input. Huzzah!

Filed under Rambling about stuff Kingdom Keepers Kingdom Keepers 7 Disney The first sentence was 'Willa was flabbergasted'. That was my starting point for everything. It's not very well written but yeah. I got in a mention to the Iron Man exhibit in Innoventions. That's still there right? You know I still haven't read the 5th and 6th books. Why am I even paying attention to this?

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Thanks Disney. I didn’t even consider going 5 days earlier for the same length of time. And for over twice the price of my original dates? Who would pass up that incredible deal?

Thanks Disney. I didn’t even consider going 5 days earlier for the same length of time. And for over twice the price of my original dates? Who would pass up that incredible deal?

Filed under Rambling about stuff Disneyland Paris Disney Disneyland Not that I'm planning to go to Disneyland Paris. They're giving two days free if you book in advance and I wanted to see prices. It costs £950 for the same dates to stay in the Disneyland Hotel... I'm quite interested in the Sequoia Lodge. And it's about the same price as my hotel in Sydney. Which isn't as good as it sounds. Not that the Sydney hotel (more of an apartment) was bad. It was worth the large amount of money I spent on it. If cheap Eurostar prices line up with cheap hotel prices then I might consider going. I don't care about the temperature. In fact I want to go in the snow! Unless it messes with attractions being open...

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TV Animation in the USA Over the Years - Day 24

Kim Possible - 2002

More action-based animated series that appeared in the early 00’s. I want a better reason, but whatever.

Filed under History of Animation Kim Possible Disney Channel Disney Animation It used to be the longest running Disney animated series with new episodes lasting for 5 years and 3 months Then Phineas & Ferb took the title... It also had an awesome interactive game in the World Showcase at Epcot. Of course Phineas & Ferb took over that as well. You guys are so busted! I'm telling mom!