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I was looking up Thor: The Dark World screencaps to see if there were any scenes I could use for my Film Vs. Location pictures and I came across this screencap.

It looked so familiar and then it came to me.

It’s only the road I’ve been walking down the past week to get to Southwark Crown Court! How annoying is that?

Filed under rambling about stuff thor: the dark world thor 2 thor and now i'm not doing jury service anymore so i have no reason to go down there it's a really short scene after the restaurant bit where jane gets into the car so it's not important but it would of been nice to know before now you know?

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OK, so do you guys remember this bus I kept seeing around the set of Thor 2?


Look, here it is in the movie itself.


Well it only ever gets seen from one side, which is a shame because the other side of the bus also had an advert.


Sure it doesn’t look much different from the one on the front, but it has an added message.


"Being good for the sake of evil". Reminds me of a certain trickster god…

Filed under thor 2 thor thor: the dark world loki moral sacrifice whoops this is another post i've had saved in my drafts for ages. like before the film came out ages. don't know what i was saving it for though...

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Because Thor: The Dark World premiered in the USA today, I have a couple of posts to celebrate with. But do I post them tonight or wait until the weekend for more people to go see the film?

Filed under rambling about stuff thor thor 2 thor: the dark world t:tdw there's nothing spoilery unless you haven't seen the trailers for the film i mean it's the reason i went to greenwich yesterday. i just don't want to make the posts and then nobody reblogs them because i put the effort into them!