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So has this always been in the Pooh queue? Well, ever since they updated it anyway. I don’t remember ever seeing pictures of it… But it was fun.

This is my bee. It might look like every other bee there, but it’s different, because it’s my one! He travelled around that part of the queue with me. He was my bee buddy for 5 whole minutes! And that’s a bond you can never break…

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This trip was the first time I ever rode Dumbo. 10 trips, and no Dumbo? I know, it’s shocking! Anyway, I was excited to finally ride it. I chose the blue one, because I like blue. The ride started, and I was all happy. As I grabbed the lever to make my elephant soar the highest of them all, I realised with horror that something was wrong. My Dumbo wouldn’t go up & down. It was broken. Typical.

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