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I just remembered Super Hero Squad Online is a thing.

Filed under super hero squad online falcon sam wilson winter soldier shso marvel mcu he's such a dork. he does the chicken dance! it's changed so much since i last played. they got rid of the tickets and silver coins and made it easier to get characters and they changed out the starter characters! it's not cyclops and thing and ms marvel and falcon (non mcu) anymore it's iron man and hulk and black widow and spider man now if you already have an account then use the code 'RECHARGED' to get the new starters for free you know. if you haven't already.

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Thor: The Dark World - Film Vs. Location Part Five

(parts 1, 2, 3, 4) [x]

Filed under thor thor 2 thor the dark world chris hemsworth natlie portman kat dennings jonathan howard jane foster darcy lewis ian boothby dark elves greenwich old royal naval college marvel film vs. location here we go! thor 2 set made for the dvd release of the film! god have i really done 50 photos for this film in greenwich? and i still have more! i have like 30 more on my laptop to print! if i'll ever do them is another question. but hey. they're in colour. ain't that neat? my favourite is definitely the wide-shot showing the red stuff flowing around the ornc. even if i did have to climb that bloody hill

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So Thor might have left Mjolnir behind after his battle in Greenwich…

Filed under thor mjolnir thor the dark world greenwich marvel it's also been affected by pym particles and grown pretty big... someone tell thor. it's blocking the path! i think it's the same hammer they had out at the london premiere of the film? i gave it a knock and it was hollow. and the 'rubble' is actually styrofoam. aren't props amazing? if you want to go and see it then you'd better be quick. heard it's gone by the end of the week.