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But it was the last episode of Horrible Histories and they ended with a Live Aid sort of song about how every historical era has brought achievements and disasters and stuff and I don’t want it to end!

Filed under Rambling about stuff Horrible Histories Whose idea was it to end the show? We still have the musical clip show next week BUT IT'S NOT THE SAME! I heard they want to make a movie but I don't know how they'd achieve it but I still want it to happen. The song at the end was called We're History... JUST LIKE THE SHOW!! We're history and we made it horrible...

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So I was looking to see if Horrible Histories had starting airing in the USA, so I could get people to watch it. I then found this on the CBBC site.

So one of the most frequently asked questions (or questi) is whether the songs from the show are available to buy. The only other FAQ on a show is for Blue Peter. So yeah. They really need to sell the songs (or better yet, free downloads!). 

Filed under Horrible Histories In fact I'm watching Savage Songs atm